New Student Registration Guide

Step 5: Identify Your First Semester Courses

Identifying your first semester courses is a two step process:

As an incoming student, you may have required courses that you must take in your first year. You can find these courses, if applicable, within My Registration in the SDSU WebPortal. You can view your course options by selecting the links provided. You must enroll in these required courses before registering for additional courses.

If you are an incoming freshman, you may have been automatically enrolled in courses prior to your New Student Orientation date. To view enrolled courses, see My Classes under the My Registration page.

My Classes link.

Review the list of required courses.

Log in to the SDSU WebPortal and select My Personal Map from the menu.

The MAP for your major, which is the recommended sequence of courses you must complete to graduate from SDSU, will be displayed.

Example of MyMap for a Sociology major.

The first screen of MyMAP will provide a list of recommended courses for your first semester. As an incoming freshman, you will review courses recommended in your first year. As an incoming transfer student you can review courses recommended in the third year by selecting the Third Year tab. This is a general guide and should be used in conjunction with the other advising tools and resources. For more information, revisit the Academic Advising Tools and Resources module.

If you are a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) major and your MAP lists Mathematics 124 (MATH 124), Calculus for the Life Sciences, or Mathematics 150 (MATH 150), Calculus I, you initially need to enroll in Mathematics 140 (MATH 140), College Algebra, and register for the Mathematics Placement Assessment (review Step 4). Based on your score on the Mathematics Placement Assessment, you may substitute MATH 140 with MATH 124, 141 or MATH 150.

If you are a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) major and your MAP lists Chemistry 200 (CHEM 200), General Chemistry, or Chemistry 202 (CHEM 202), General Chemistry for Engineers, you initially need to enroll in Chemistry 100 (CHEM 100), Introduction to General Chemistry with Laboratory, and register for the Chemistry Department Placement Exam on the Testing Services website. If your score is high enough on the Chemistry Department Placement Exam, then you will substitute CHEM 100 with CHEM 200 or CHEM 202. If your score on the Chemistry Department Placement Exam is not high enough, then you will remain enrolled in CHEM 100.

If you have already completed these courses, you can review the MAP for other recommended courses based on your incoming student level.

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