Undergraduate Degree Conferral

Once you have completed all of your degree requirements by the end of the semester in which your graduation application was intended for, your academic record will be validated by your graduation advisor and your degree will be conferred by the university. After degree conferral, your official SDSU transcripts will display your graduation status and the graduation date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete a second undergraduate major after I have graduated?
No, unless you have been admitted into a second bachelor's degree in Nursing.
Can I complete a minor after I have graduated?
No. If you wish to earn a minor or if a minor is required by your major, you must complete all requirements for your major and minor by the graduation date for which you applied.
Can I register for classes after I have graduated?
Not as a regularly enrolled undergraduate student. As a graduated student, you are only eligible to register for classes if you are admitted to SDSU as a graduate student or are enrolling in classes through Global Campus.
Will I still be able to receive a degree evaluation after I've graduated?
No. Degree evaluations are only accessible to current undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to print off a copy of their degree evaluation during their final semester for future reference.
Will SDSU round up my GPA so I can meet the minimum GPA for honors, dean’s list, or distinction?
No, SDSU reports Grade Point Average (GPA) up to the second decimal place. No rounding up is done to increase the GPA above what the student has earned.