Withdrawal or Late Schedule Adjustments

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Spring 2021 Current Term Withdrawals and Late Schedule Adjustments

After the spring 2021 schedule adjustment deadline, changes to your schedule, including withdrawal from one or more courses, are only permitted for extremely serious, fully-documented circumstances which were out of your control. An approved withdrawal will result in a grade of "W" for the course(s) on your academic transcript. "W" grades are not factored into your grade point average, academic probation or disqualification procedures, or as a course attempt for course repeat policies. Please contact Student Account Services to determine any financial impact of an approved Late Schedule Adjustment.

Requests for changes to your schedule after the schedule adjustment deadline are accepted through the last instructional day of the semester and are reviewed only by the Petition for Late Schedule Adjustment with the following required documents:

  • A written statement of the serious and compelling reason that warrants an exception accompanied by third-party documentation to support your statement
  • Verification that you have notified your course instructor of your request and obtained your grade-to-date in the course (e.g. a screenshot or PDF of your email conversation). Undergraduate students withdrawing from all courses are not required to submit this verification.

Petitions submitted without the required documentation will not be accepted.

Summer or Fall 2021 Withdrawal Prior to Schedule Adjustment

Current students withdrawing from the university prior to the summer or fall 2021 schedule adjustment deadlines should complete the Request for Withdrawal Prior to Schedule Adjustment form. Dropping all courses does not constitute an official withdrawal. A withdrawal prior to the schedule adjustment deadline will remove all courses from your academic transcript for the semester.

All new students withdrawing prior to the schedule adjustment deadline are required to reapply and be readmitted to the university for future semesters.

Retroactive Withdrawals and Schedule Adjustments

Under the SDSU Senate Policy, students may request to withdraw from a term after the term has ended. A student who wishes to change assigned grades to W grades shall request to withdraw from the full semester's or session's work; no requests for individual classes shall be accepted.

Requests for retroactive withdrawal may be granted only in verified cases where the cause for substandard performance was beyond the student's control, such as accident or serious illness. Requests are reviewed only through the Request for Retroactive Withdrawal Form with the following required documents:

  • A written statement of the serious and compelling reason that warrants an exception and how these circumstances prevented you from withdrawing before the designated deadlines.
  • Third-party documentation to support your statement, such as a letter from your doctor, hospital records, etc. All petitions and supporting documents are treated as confidential and protected by federal privacy laws from improper disclosure.
  • Graduate students must attach an email from their course instructors acknowledging their request to withdraw.

Requests submitted without the required documentation will not be accepted, nor will requests for withdrawal after a degree has been awarded. All requests for retroactive withdrawal will be reviewed by the assistant dean of your college. Final determinations may take four to six weeks, and sometimes longer. Approved petitions are subject to a $20 Retroactive Withdrawal Fee.

Undergraduate students requesting to add a course after the last day of the term should contact the Office of the Registrar through the Contact Us Form. Graduate students should contact Graduate Affairs at [email protected].