Online transcript ordering will be unavailable on Tuesday, September 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please email [email protected] for urgent assistance during this time.

Obtaining Transcripts During COVID-19

San Diego State University's primary commitment is to the safety, health and wellbeing of all campus community members, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Given the uncertainty of COVID-19 and Governor Newsom's shelter-in-home order for all Californians, we are unable to provide in-person support. For assistance obtaining transcripts, please contact [email protected].

For Transcript Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19, please read below.

Official San Diego State University Transcripts

Official transcripts contain course work taken at San Diego State University (including Open University, and any credit courses taken through the College of Extended Studies). The Office of the Registrar does not send transcripts to the SDSU Division of Graduate Affairs or to the SDSU Office of Admissions.

Only San Diego State University transcripts will be issued. Copies of other schools' transcripts are NOT included. Transcripts from other schools must be ordered from the original institution.

If all SDSU coursework was taken prior to 1987, official transcripts will need to be ordered by completing the Official Transcript Request Form and mailing it in along with payment.

If a portion or all SDSU coursework was taken after fall 1987, official transcripts may be requested online, by mail, or in person.

Online ordering instructions:

  1. Log on to the SDSU WebPortal
  2. Select Official Transcripts
  3. Choose between hard copy paper version, or certified electronic PDF version (only available if all SDSU coursework was taken after fall 1987 – see additional information below)
  4. Complete required information
  5. Make payment
  6. Submit request

If you have forgotten your RedID or WebPortal password, go to "Can't Log in?" on the SDSU WebPortal. You will then see the links to obtain your red id and also set/reset your password.

If you do not have an SDSU WebPortal account, you can Create New Account.

The Office of the Registrar does not accept transcript requests via fax, phone, or email.

San Diego State University has partnered with Parchment, Inc. to deliver secure, certified electronic PDF transcripts. The PDFs are sent over a secure network to the email address of the recipient you designate and are considered official. They are certified by a digital signature and security encryptions. While electronic transcripts are widely accepted, it is recommended that you confirm with your recipients that they will accept the transcript in this format before you place an order.

Only coursework taken after fall 1987 can be sent via the Certified Electronic PDF transcript format.

If part or all of your coursework was taken after fall 1987, hard copy paper transcripts can be ordered via the SDSU WebPortal.

If all of your course work was taken prior to fall 1987, you will need to order your transcript by filling out the Official Transcript Request Form and mailing it in along with payment.

The fee to order official transcripts is $10 per transcript.

Transcript requests take three to five business days to process and mail, unless there is a hold on your university record. Please be aware that the process may take longer during peak periods (i.e. beginning and end of each semester). Transcripts are sent via the regular United States Postal Mail Services. San Diego State University has no control over the delivery time of the mail, within the U.S. or internationally.

For identification purposes, official transcripts sent to educational institutions within the United States will include your Social Security Number (SSN) and the month/day of your birth date. All other official transcripts will print without your SSN, but with the month/day of your birth date.

Semester grades are available two weeks after the last day of finals. Degrees are posted throughout a three to five week period of time after grades are posted.

All official transcripts are mailed to the address designated on the transcript request. All transcripts sent to students are marked "Issued to Student" and may not be considered official by other educational institutions or employers. In addition, transcripts are considered unofficial if the seal on the mailing envelope concealing the transcript is broken.

Unofficial transcripts report the same course and grade information as the official transcripts; however, they are not considered official because they do not have the official university seal imprinted on them and are not suitable for transfer purposes. Unofficial transcripts are used primarily for student reference.

If all of your coursework was taken after fall 1987, you can view/print free unofficial SDSU transcripts online through the SDSU WebPortal.

If you attended prior to fall 1987, obtaining unofficial transcripts online is not available. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at (619) 594-6871 or [email protected] for information on how to obtain an unofficial transcript.

Unofficial transcripts are also available in the Office of the Registrar on a walk-in basis.

Transcript Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19

Will paper transcripts be mailed while SDSU operates remotely?
Yes, orders for paper transcripts will be mailed on a weekly basis. If you completed all coursework in fall of 1987 or later, we encourage you to order an electronic transcript for faster delivery. Please verify with recipient(s) prior to ordering to determine if they will accept the transcripts in the PDF format.
Will transcripts requested by mail be processed during this time?
Yes, Student Account Services, which receives all transcript requests first, is processing mailed payments on a weekly basis. Once payment has been processed by Student Account Services, the Office of the Registrar will process your request. Due to the increased processing time needed for mailed requests, we encourage all students with coursework from fall 1987 or later to place the order via the SDSU WebPortal.
I attended San Diego State University prior to 1987, how can I access my unofficial transcript?
If all SDSU coursework was taken prior to 1987, we can mail you a paper copy of your unofficial transcript at no charge. The transcripts are not available in digital format and cannot be mailed to third parties directly. To request an unofficial transcript, email [email protected] and provide the following information:
  • Full name (as it was listed when you attended SDSU)
  • Statement that you are requesting an unofficial transcript
  • Last four digits of your SSN
  • Your mailing address
  • Scanned copy of a valid photo ID (i.e. driver's license/passport/military ID, etc.) for verification purposes
I attended San Diego State University prior to 1987, how can I access my official transcript?
If all SDSU coursework was taken prior to 1987, you can order your official transcript by completing the Official Transcript Request Form and submitting the form with payment by mail. The fee for official transcripts is $10 per copy. Completed forms and payment should be mailed to:

SDSU Student Account Services 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182-7425

Please note that these requests may take up to two weeks to process.

I don't remember my SDSU WebPortal password so I can't log in. How do I access unofficial transcripts or place an order for official transcripts?
If password recovery options were set, you can use the self-service function to reset your password. From the SDSU WebPortal log in page:
  1. Select Can't log in?
  2. Select Reset Password
  3. Enter your RedID and select Submit
  4. Answer your Challenge Question and select Submit

If you are unable to use the password recovery option, please email [email protected] with your RedID number, full name, and a copy of your photo ID.