Undergraduate Diploma

Once your degree has been conferred and your graduation advisor processes your degree conferral, your diploma will be ordered.

You may select to have your primary, preferred, or former name on file appear on your diploma. You will be asked to make this selection when completing the graduation application. Otherwise, your current primary name on record will appear on your diploma. Be advised that in some situations your diploma may be considered an official document and the name appearing on your diploma may need to match other legal documents you possess. If you wish to change your primary name or select a preferred first name, visit the Office of the Registrar's Name & Gender Change Procedures web page.

Shows where the name, mailing address and preferred name are located on the Degree Evaluation.To verify the diploma name that will be used after applying to graduate, you can view the diploma name listed on your graduation evaluation. Your selected diploma name will be displayed at the beginning of your graduation evaluation as the first item under the charts and graphs. Your diploma mailing address will follow, and if a preferred name is on file with the university, your primary name will be displayed under the diploma mailing address. You may also verify your diploma name through the Profile tile in my.SDSU.

If your name has a unique spelling design, such as a capitalization in the middle of the name or special character such as an accent mark, please email [email protected] to request the special character request form. Once you have completed the form, email it back to [email protected] so we can ensure the special characters are represented on your diploma.

SDSU stores four types of student addresses in my.SDSU: Diploma, Home, Mailing, and Permanent. The diploma is mailed to the diploma address on record, which is provided by the student during the Application for Graduation process. After the Application for Graduation has been completed, the diploma address can be updated through the Profile tile in my.SDSU. To guarantee the diploma will be sent to the diploma address provided, the diploma address needs to be updated before the last day of the term in which you have applied to graduate.

If a diploma address is not accurate, such as missing a unit number, an incorrect zip code, or is not updated in time, and therefore is undeliverable by the United States Postal Service (USPS), it will be returned to campus. If a diploma is returned to campus, email communication will be sent to the SDSUid on file for the graduate and a request for an updated diploma address will be required through the Profile tile in my.SDSU before attempting to resend the returned diploma.

The Diploma Envelope is a normal sized page in length and width, nine (9) inches by eleven and a half (11.5) inches. The words "Do Not Fold" are printed in large bold text on the envelope. If a mailbox is not large enough to fit the envelope without bending or folding the envelope, it will fail delivery and be returned to SDSU.

Diploma Envelope is 9 inches by 12 inches flat.

Diploma reissues are managed through SDSU's official diploma vendor, the Michael Sutter Company.

Reissue and eDiploma Orders

The following services are available through the Online Diploma Service offered by SDSU's official diploma vendor, the Michael Sutter Company.

  • Order a Reissue Diploma: Order your reissue diploma easily online. You will be able to choose standard delivery or express overnight delivery (additional fees apply). There is a $20 charge for each diploma replacement. (Latin diploma replacements are available for $30, and only for students who received a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences).
  • Order an official eDiploma: A SDSU eDiploma is a signed and certified PDF of your original paper diploma. This can be used for easy degree verification purposes. The eDiploma is a one-time fee of $20.

When requesting a reissue diploma or eDiploma, please use your EmplID that starts with a 1 if you graduated in December 2022 or after. If you graduated prior to December 2022, please use your RedID.

Notarized Diploma

For notarized diploma requests, please complete the reissue diploma order through the Online Diploma Service and select the notary option.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my diploma?
At the end of the term for which you have applied to graduate, the Office of the Registrar will review your records. Once we have confirmed completion of requirements, your degree will be conferred and posted to your academic record. You will receive an email notification from the SDSU Office of the Registrar regarding the status of your degree. In most cases, once you have received an email that your degree has been conferred, your diploma will be ordered, processed by the diploma vendor, and mailed to the diploma address listed on your Profile tile in my.SDSU. It may take up to 4 weeks to receive the diploma if the address is domestic or up to 3–4 months if the diploma address is international.
When will I receive my reissue diploma?
Once the university has confirmed your degree (on average 3–5 business days), you will receive your Secure ID by email enabling you to order online.
How can I check on the status of my diploma?
Once your bachelor's degree is conferred, your diploma order will be placed by SDSU. Once the order has been received and processed, you will receive an email from SDSU's official diploma vendor, the Michael Sutter Company, to inform you of when your diploma was mailed. You can also check on the status of your diploma by going to the Michael Sutter Company website's Online Diploma Service.
Will my minor print on my diploma?
No. SDSU only prints majors on the diplomas. Students who earned a minor may find the minor information on their official and unofficial SDSU transcripts.
Will my major emphasis or major specialization be printed or stated anywhere on my diploma?
Your major emphasis will be printed on your diploma. Your major specialization will not be printed on your diploma.
Will I receive two diplomas if I completed two majors?
No. Both majors will be listed on one diploma. Students that have completed requirements for two majors under the same bachelor’s degree will have both majors acknowledged on the diploma. Students that have completed requirements for two majors that are under different bachelor’s degrees will have both degrees and majors acknowledged on the diploma. Students may verify their first and second major with their unofficial SDSU transcript or degree evaluation prior to the last day of the semester/term that they applied for graduation. The diploma and transcript issued will note the degree(s) earned with all majors completed.
Do honors and distinction print on my diploma?
Yes. Any honors and distinction you receive in your major will be printed on your diploma and transcript. Students earning a second bachelor's degree may be considered for major distinction, but are ineligible to receive honors.
What if I haven't received my diploma and need proof that I graduated?
Once your degree has been granted, you can obtain transcripts that indicate your degree information. Official and unofficial transcripts are available in my.SDSU. In addition, potential employers may contact the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200 for degree and enrollment verification. You can also order an eDiploma by using the Online Diploma Service. Please review the Reissue Diploma section above for more information.
Can I order another copy of my diploma?
To request an additional copy of your diploma, use the Online Diploma Service.
Can I request for my diploma to be notarized?
San Diego State University does not provide in-house notary services, as a result, you will need to independently arrange notarization for your documents with a Notary. SDSU can assist in your Apostille process by providing a Notarized Diploma. Contact [email protected] for assistance with diploma notarization prior to placing your order through DiploMatic. Diplomas that are already in your possession cannot be notarized.
I need my diploma authenticated (apostille).
SDSU does not provide apostille services. Information regarding the process required by the State of California, can be found on the California Secretary of State Authentications website. SDSU can assist in your apostille process by providing a notarized diploma, mailed directly back to you. Submit your order for a reissue diploma using the Online Diploma Service.