Grade Submission

All grades must be submitted by the grade submission deadline listed on the Academic Calendar for each semester (deadlines for summer sessions and Global Campus sessions may vary).

Instructors may submit a portion of the grades and return later to submit the remaining grades during the grade submission period. If any students are not assigned grades by the deadline, the students will be assigned Report Delayed (RD) grades until a final grade is assigned by the instructor.

Submitting Grades in my.SDSU

Grades can be entered directly into the Grade Roster page for each class. Instructors have the option to Update Grades Manually or through a Canvas import.

Students are able to receive the following grades at SDSU: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F. Under special circumstances, the grades of Audit, Incomplete, Report in Progress, Credit/No Credit, Withdrawal, and Withdrawal Unauthorized are also valid.

Instructors should review the Explanation of Grades web page for additional information about each grade.

Students may attend classes for an audit grade (AU) with the approval of the instructor. The student must submit a Change to Audit Grade form signed by the instructor to the Office of the Registrar by the schedule adjustment deadline. Instructors will only see the grade option "AU" when submitting student grades if the student has opted for an Audit grade. The unit value of an audited course does not affect student GPA, term, campus, or overall unit totals.

Credit/No Credit grades can only be submitted if the grading basis of the course is set to Credit/No Credit. Some courses allow students to opt to receive Credit/No Credit rather than a letter grade. A student can only receive this grade if they submit a request to change the grading basis to Credit/No Credit by the schedule adjustment deadline. A Credit/No Credit course will appear as a "CR" if the student has gotten credit or an "NC" if the student has not received credit for the course.

Students who are not assigned grades by the grade submission deadline will be assigned Report Delayed(RD) grades and will be instructed to contact the instructor. It is extremely important to submit grades by the deadline. Late grades affect a student's academic status and may result in the student being disqualified from the university. Additionally, graduation for the current semester (including summer) cannot be completed until grades are posted.