Courses & Grades Frequently Asked Questions

How does the student complete the coursework after receiving an incomplete "I" grade?
The faculty member and student must engage in a contract that outlines the coursework to be completed. A final grade is assigned once the agreed-upon coursework has been completed and evaluated. The coursework must be completed and submitted to the instructor within one calendar year following the end of the semester in which the "I" grade was assigned. Students who receive an "I" grade cannot re-enroll or audit the same course in a future term.
Why can't I assign a grade of Incomplete to a student in a Cr/NC class or status?
The grading method for some classes dictates that the grade of "RP" must be assigned rather than a grade of "Incomplete".
Why doesn't WebGrades function properly from my computer's Web browser?
Although WebGrades can run from virtually any computer browser worldwide, there are some minimum system requirements. Any Macintosh, PC, or other workstation system running Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later, or Netscape Navigator (Communicator) Version 4.76 or later that has network access to Internet and SDSU will work properly. JavaScript must be enabled. At least 64Mb is recommended. Some problems have been encountered grading very large classes (> 125 students) via a dial-in modem. In these cases, a DSL, cable modem or higher speed Internet connection (e.g. any computer at SDSU) is required. You should contact your computer support staff for an upgrade if your browser is not compatible.
What happens if my WebGrades account is locked?
WebGrades has security technology to deactivate an account after a series of successive incorrect login attempts. Should your account become locked, please contact your department to request that your account be re-activated. You may also call the Grades Help Desk at (619) 594-2134 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., or the Rosters Help Desk at (619) 594-8000 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. User authentication is required.
How can I view the faculty evaluation results?
Faculty evaluation results are found under the Faculty, Department or Department Support features in the SDSU WebPortal depending on the user's approved account access.
When are faculty evaluation results available?
Results are available approximately one week after the last day of the semester.
Who can I contact for questions about the faculty evaluations?
For department support, please contact your college representative:
How can I access the SDSU WebPortal?
SDSU WebPortal accounts are automatically created for faculty during the hiring process. Faculty should refer to their department coordinator to obtain a temporary SDSU WebPortal password. Staff members needing SDSU WebPortal access must submit a completed SDSU WebPortal Account Request form to their department chair/director for approval and release of a temporary password.
How do I know if I should be using my WebPortal account?
Different access options are available depending on your role. Faculty who need to access WebRosters, Password Update, WebGrades, Evaluation Results, and WebDrop should have an SDSU WebPortal account. Staff working with Student Registration, Course Demand, Department WebGrades, Department WebRosters, Student Grades, ATF, Admissions Reports, and Enrollment Reports should have an SDSU WebPortal account. Campus advisers (undergraduate and graduate) should use the SDSU WebPortal to access student degree evaluations.
Where can I find my user name (RedID)?
You can find your RedID on the Forgot RedID? web page.
How can I change my SDSU WebPortal password?
Your SDSU WebPortal password is a 6-20 digit series of letters or numbers that is assigned to you by the Office of the Registrar. To change your password, log in to the WebPortal using your current password. Upon login, select the "Change Password" option on the menu. Follow the steps to create your new password.
When is the schedule adjustment deadline?
Please review the Academic Calendars for the specific deadlines.
When is the faculty drop deadline?
Please review the Academic Calendars for the specific deadline for a faculty member to drop students who fail to attend the first class session and are not in class at the very beginning of the second class session. Any student dropped by the instructor during this period will be notified of the action by e-mail. Students may reenroll in any open seats through the fifth day of classes. Students who wish to reenroll after the fifth day of classes will be placed on the wait list.
How can a student be reclassified as a California resident?
To be eligible for resident classification, an adult applicant must have established and maintained permanent residence in California at least one year prior to the residence determination date. Residency determination of minor students and applicants is based on the residency status of their parents. Proof of residence requires evidence of both physical presence and intent to remain indefinitely in California at least one year before the residence determination date. In addition, other rules and exceptions apply. For detailed information about determining your residence status for fee purposes, see the General Catalog.
When are students evaluated for residency reclassification?
The residence determination date for fall semesters is September 20. The date for spring semesters is January 25.
What is Course Forgiveness and how does it work?
Please see the Course Forgiveness web page for specific information.