Notarization of Documents

San Diego State University does not provide in-house notary services, as a result, you will need to independently arrange notarization for your documents with a Notary. SDSU does not provide apostille services. Information regarding the process required by the State of California, can be found on the California Secretary of State Authentications website. SDSU can assist in your Apostille process by providing a Notarized Transcript or Diploma.


Contact [email protected] for assistance with transcript notarization prior to placing a transcript order.

Transcript orders fulfilled by Parchment, Inc. (paper or pdf) or are already in your possession cannot be notarized.

After the documents are notarized, they will be mailed to the address indicated on your request.

Undergraduate Diploma

Contact the Office of the Registrar via the Contact Us Form for questions about your undergraduate diploma.

Graduate Diploma

Contact the Division of Graduate Studies at [email protected] to have a graduate diploma notarized.