Notarization of Documents

Follow these steps to have an undergraduate diploma notarized.

  1. Complete and submit a diploma re-order form. Note on the form "Hold for Notary."
  2. Contact Eva Morales in the Office of Advising and Evaluations to alert her that the diploma has been re-ordered and needs notarization. Eva can be reached at [email protected].

Graduate Diploma

Follow these steps to have a graduate diploma notarized.

  1. Contact the Division of Graduate Studies at (619) 594-5213 or [email protected].


Follow these steps to have a transcript notarized. (Please note that the transcript must be ordered in the paper format to be notarized.)

  1. Order your official SDSU transcript. Information on how to order via the SDSU WebPortal or paper may be found on the transcripts page.
  2. After the transcript has been ordered, alert the SDSU Transcript Unit that the transcript needs to be notarized. The Transcript Unit can be reached at [email protected].

You will be notified when your documents are ready for notarization. You are responsible for scheduling the notarization and payment with the notary. You may contact Annette Perea, a notary who will provide service at SDSU. She can be reached at (619) 248-3486, or [email protected].

After the documents are notarized, the documents will be mailed to you or anyone you direct. If you are designating a person to pick up the documents on your behalf, please provide a signed release form with a copy of your RedID.