Leave of Absence

All matriculated students who will not attend SDSU during a fall or spring academic term must be approved to take a leave of absence in order to preserve eligibility for a future term. To access the Leave of Absence request, students must log in to the SDSU WebPortal and select the Leave of Absence link.

You are eligible to file a Leave of Absence Petition if you:

  • are an undergraduate who has completed at least one semester at San Diego State University;
  • are a graduate student who has completed at least one semester of graduate work at SDSU;
  • have not been disqualified (probation status allowed to request leave of absence);
  • do not have the following holds:
    • E - degree
    • D - disqualified
    • Q - eligibility
    • JB, JR, JT - judicial
  • are not currently enrolled in any courses;
  • have not exceeded the allowed number of leave of absences (four).