Spring 2022 Academic Calendar

Spring 2022 Registration Timeline. All dates are listed in detail below.

October 4, 2021 Spring 2022 basic tuition and fee payments accepted.
October 5, 2021 Personal registration information available in the SDSU WebPortal.
November 1, 2021 Spring 2022 registration begins.
January 1–6 Spring 2022 registration closed to verify contingent enrollments.
January 7 Spring 2022 Registration re-opens.
January 12 Maximum undergraduate registration units for spring 2022 increases from 18 units to 21 units. Students requesting to enroll in more than 21 units must receive approval from their academic adviser.
January 17 Holiday—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Faculty/staff holiday. Campus closed.
January 18 First day of spring semester.
January 18 Last day to pay Basic Tuition and Fees without a late fee.
January 18 Last day to officially withdraw for the spring 2022 semester and receive a full refund.
January 19 Last day for nonresident (foreign and out-of-state) students to pay deferred tuition and not incur service charges.
January 19 First Day of Classes. Faculty can begin to add students from class section wait lists. If a seat becomes available, students on the wait list will be added automatically. Faculty can select the number of students to be added to each course section through the class rosters available in the SDSU WebPortal.
January 19 Basic Tuition and Fee payments accepted with a late fee.
January 19 Beginning on the First Day of Class, refunds for withdrawals will be prorated based on the percentage of the term completed.
January 25 Last day of wait list auto-enrollment. After this date, enrollment in open seats is not automatic or guaranteed. Faculty must enroll students from their wait list.
January 26–February 1 On the sixth day of classes through tenth day of classes, enrollment in open seats is not automatic or guaranteed. Faculty must monitor their class rosters and determine if students may be added to the wait list to meet the enrollment needs for the class.
January 28 Last day for faculty to drop students from classes for non-attendance or lack of required prerequisites. (11:59 p.m. deadline)
February 1 Schedule adjustment deadline. Last day for students to add, drop, or change grading basis (7:59 p.m. deadline). Last day for faculty to add from their wait list.
February 1 Last day to officially withdraw from the university without penalty fee for spring semester 2022.
February 1 Last day for payment of fees for registration (3:30 p.m. deadline).
February 1 Last day to opt-out of Immediate Access for online course materials.
February 1 Last day to file petition for concurrent graduate credit for spring semester 2022.
February 1 Last day to file application for bachelor's degree or advanced degree for May and August 2022 graduation. For more information visit the Apply to Graduate web page.
February 15 Last day to submit a Petition for Late Schedule Adjustment for course withdrawal without a "W" on the transcript.
February 15 Census.
March 18 NCAA Tournament—Non-Instruction Day. Campus open.
March 22 Last day to officially withdraw from all classes for spring 2022 and receive a prorated refund (withdrawal after February 1 requires special approval and a penalty fee is assessed).
March 23 Voter Registration Deadline for Special Primary Election.
March 25 Thesis Submission Deadline: Final Day, by 3:45 p.m., for submitting thesis with the processing fee to Montezuma Publishing for thesis review to have the best likelihood for graduation in Spring 2022.
March 28–April 1 Spring recess.
March 31 Holiday—Cesar Chavez Day. Faculty/staff holiday. Campus closed.
April 6 Special Primary Election.
May 5 Last Day to submit a fall 2021 Petition for Late Schedule Adjustment.
May 5 Last day of classes before final examinations.
May 5 Last day for reporting results on comprehensive examinations to the Division of Graduate Affairs by department or college.
May 6–12 Final examinations.
May 12 Commencement, Imperial Valley Campus. More information is available on the SDSU Imperial Valley Commencement web page.
May 13 Thesis Publication Deadline: Thesis review process, including publishing, must be completed by 3:45 p.m. on this date at Montezuma Publishing to meet graduation requirement. Students missing the final deadline will be evaluated for graduation in the upcoming semester.
May 13–15 Commencement, San Diego Campus. More information is available on the Commencement web page.
May 20 Last day for submission of incomplete and RP grade removals (excluding thesis) for May 2022 graduation with an advanced degree.
May 20 Avoid Re-enrollment in 799B: Final day, by 3:45 p.m., to submit thesis with processing fee to Montezuma Publishing without having to enroll in thesis 799B the following semester.
May 20 Grades due from instructors. (11 p.m. deadline.)
May 20 Last day of spring semester.

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