Email & Mailing Updates

It is important that you keep your email and mailing address current with us. To verify or update the email and mailing address we have on file, use the SDSU WebPortal and select the Email & Address link. (If you are a student employee of Aztec Shops, Associated Students, Foundation or the University, you must also visit your respective Human Resources or Payroll office to officially change your address in their records.)

Email is SDSU's official form of student communication.

Student Email Address Use Policy and Procedures

Student Email Address Use Policy

Approved by the San Diego State University Senate on February 10, 2004.

The Senate Instructional Technology Committee has consulted with campus representatives (University Communications Board, Enrollment Services Communications, and Campus Security) to prepare the SDSU Student Official Email Address Use Policy. Additional Operational Procedures have been drafted, which remain outside of this document and which may change more frequently to reflect changes in technology. These Procedures and the Policy are to be routinely reviewed by the Senate IT Committee and ex officio committee consultants to assure that they remain current and appropriate to the needs of SDSU.

1.0 University Responsibility

1.1. Email is an official means of communication with San Diego State University students.

1.2. A student's official email address is retained as part of the student's record. Official email addresses will be confidential directory information unless the student requests otherwise.

1.3. Confidentiality regarding student records is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). All use of official email addresses will be consistent with FERPA and other applicable state and federal laws.

1.4. Official email addresses may be used by university staff and faculty for communications that meet the academic and administrative needs of the University. Official email addresses shall not be used for solicitations.

1.5. Official email addresses shall not be used for notification of disciplinary hearings or any legal actions involving the court system.

1.6. Operational procedures for official email address usage shall be provided by Enrollment Services and subject to review by the Instructional Technology Committee of the Senate.

2.0 Student Responsibility

2.1. Each student is expected to supply an individual and private email address to Enrollment Services for use as an official email address. Upon request the University shall provide a student with an email account to use as his or her official email address. If a student wishes to use a non-San Diego State University email address as his or her official email address, he or she may do so, provided that the address is owned by and private to the student.

2.2. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure his or her official email address is functional and able to receive email from San Diego State University. “Mailbox full,” “user unknown” or Spam blockers are not acceptable reasons for missing university messages.

2.3. Each admitted and matriculated student is expected to check his or her official email address in order to stay current with University communications.

Student Email Address Operational Procedures

  1. Each student is expected to keep his or her official email address current by using the email and address update in the SDSU WebPortal.
  2. Email messages must not include information that is considered confidential or sensitive based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Confidential or sensitive information may be given to students through a secure means (e.g. SDSU WebPortal Message Center, a password-protected encrypted Web site). For more information refer to:
  3. All university emails to students must be requested through Enrollment Services. Student email addresses cannot be given to departments, faculty or staff. Standard procedures for data requests will be followed. Requesting departments must complete the Student Request Form located at Enrollment Services will send approved email or WebPortal messages on behalf of the requesting department.
  4. The University reserves the right to perform broadcast mailings to students related to emergencies and University physical plant conditions or activities for which urgent notice is required that will potentially affect most of the students.
  5. Email messages must not include Social Security Numbers (SSN). If a student replies to a message with their SSN included in the reply, the SSN must be removed when responding to or forwarding the message.
  6. Email messages to students from departments, colleges, and other campus units are considered official and must relate to official University business. Every effort should be made to limit the number of emails and combine multiple messages so as not to overwhelm the students with too much email and may be considered "spam." The WebPortal Message Center should be used for messages containing confidential or sensitive information. Non-academic areas will be able to send messages to students' through the approval of Enrollment Services.