SDSU WebPortal Information for Faculty/Staff


WebPortal accounts are automatically created for faculty during the hiring process. Faculty should refer to their department coordinator to obtain a temporary SDSU WebPortal password.


Account Requests

Staff members needing access to the SDSU WebPortal must complete a Staff Request for SDSU WebPortal form (requires Acrobat Reader). The form must be approved by the department chair/director and submitted to the college coordinator. The college coordinator will obtain approval and submit the form to Enrollment Services, who will approve the request and create the account. The college coordinator will distribute temporary passwords once an account is created. Please be prepared to change your password the first time you log in.

Access Options

Staff members should request the following access options based on the functions they perform for a department or college. 

Undergraduate Adviser - For authorized staff officially designated by the department to advise undergraduate students. An undergraduate adviser has the following options available.

  • Student Registration Information - displays student registration date/time, applicable holds, and other relevant information needed to register
  • Application Status - displays detailed information and status of university application
  • Student Schedules - displays a student's personal class schedule
  • Degree Audits - Generates and displays an unofficial degree audit
  • Unofficial Transcripts - displays current unofficial transcript

Department - For authorized staff officially designated as the department coordinator by their college dean or department chair. Department-level access has the following options available.

  • WebGrades - electronic grading and review of all department classes by term
  • WebRosters - generates class roster for all classes in department
  • WebGrades Reports - reports to track submission of grades by department faculty
  • Faculty Account List - dynamic list of all faculty accounts within the department
  • ATF - Academic Transaction Form data entry application

Graduate Adviser - For authorized staff officially designated by the department chair or college dean to advise graduate students. A graduate adviser has the following options available.

  • Student Schedule
  • Graduates Report - generates list of post-bacc graduates
  • POS Builder - program of study data entry application and pre-evaluation
  • POS Review - review of submitted programs of study and completed course work
  • GPA Information - displays graduate student GPA in several formats
  • Graduate Milestones - display of summary milestones towards graduation - displays graduate student GPA in several formats
  • Admissions Info - displays graduate student admission data
  • Enrollments Report - generates list of currently enrolled students by various parameters
  • Unofficial Transcripts - displays current unofficial transcript
  • Graduate Applicant Report - generates list of graduate applicants to university

College Coordinators

College Contact Phone E-mail
Arts and Letters Susanna DiNorcia 4-3724 [email protected]
Business Kelly Bowen 4-4457 [email protected]
Education Elsa Tapia 4-8996 [email protected]
Engineering Ollin Balderas Medina 4-6061 [email protected]
Global Campus Karina Montoya 4-2591 [email protected]
Health and Human Services Melanie Dumont 4-3332 [email protected]
Professional Studies and Fine Arts Kurt Lindemann 4-8512 [email protected]
Sciences Cathie Atkins 4-5732 [email protected]