Student Email & WebPortal Message Requests

Please note: Student email message requests have transitioned from Enrollment Services to Strategic Communications and Public Affairs (StratComm). The last day that Enrollment Services accepted student email message requests was Friday, May 13, 2022. If you need to submit an email message request review the Campus Email Requests section.

This transition does not apply to WebPortal message requests. Enrollment Services will continue to accept and post WebPortal message requests.

Campus Email Requests

SDSU uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), a centralized automation tool, which allows administrators to communicate efficiently with their college or department's constituents through email communication.

The StratComm DigiTeam offers support in sending campus email messages to targeted groups of faculty, staff and/or students. To request an individual email, please complete and submit the DigiTeam Campus Email Request form. Email requests must be submitted by an active faculty or staff member.

StratComm holds the right to approve or deny any request, and to revise submitted email copy for length, grammar, style and phrasing.

For student email communication, requests must be submitted via the Campus Email Request form at least 3 to 5 business days prior to the requested send date to allow time for proper testing and approvals.

If you are a campus communicator who actively communicates with internal campus groups, please visit the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support (SFMC) Intranet website to learn about the system and request a training session to become an SFMC user.

SDSU WebPortal Message Requests

  1. Submit the request form below with all required information.
  2. Receive an auto-confirmation email to the requestor's email account stating that the request was submitted. This email includes a copy of the submitted request.
  3. Receive a confirmation email to the requestor's email account from Enrollment Services staff. This email includes the scheduled date to send the message and any questions and/or concerns about the request.
  4. Respond promptly to any questions Enrollment Services staff might ask in the confirmation email. Questions might include clarification on student population, selection criteria, or the message content.
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