Student Email & WebPortal Message Requests

All campus departments and offices should complete this form to request an electronic message be sent to students. Enrollment Services does not release student email addresses per university policy. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested send date. Please note that for event and survey emails, we are only able to send one initial email and one reminder email.

Steps to Request a Student Message

  1. Submit the request form below with all required information and the HTML message file, if applicable. Please make sure to review the Student Email HTML Guidelines prior to submitting the file. Any emails that have a template, images, or require special formatting will require an HTML message file. Details about where to send the file will be sent after the request has been submitted. If it is a plain text email you will be able to enter the text of the message directly into the form and will not need to send a file.
  2. Receive an auto-confirmation email to the requestor's email account stating that the request was submitted. This email includes a copy of the submitted request.
  3. Receive a confirmation email to the requestor's email account from Enrollment Services staff. This email includes the request tracking ID number, scheduled date to send the message, and any questions about the request.
  4. Respond promptly to any questions Enrollment Services staff might ask in the confirmation email or subsequent emails/phone calls. Questions might include clarification on student population, selection criteria, or the message content.
  5. Receive a copy of the email on the send date to the reply-to and requestor email accounts. This email will appear as the actual message that students would receive. For WebPortal messages, the requestor will receive a screen shot of the message as it appears in the WebPortal.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide analytics on messages; we can only provide the total number of messages sent to students. Please email Enrollment Services Communications with questions regarding email or WebPortal message requests.