How to Register

  1. View your registration date and time, fee payment information, and registration holds through "My Registration" in your SDSU WebPortal. If you have not yet created a portal account, follow the instructions on this page. You must have a working email address to activate an account.
  2. Pay your fees by your fee payment deadline and clear any registration holds shown. Details are provided at "My Registration."
  3. Plan your class schedule by using the "My Planner" function in WebPortal
  4. Use the through "My Registration" in the WebPortal to register online at your assigned date and time. Pay attention to the .

Access "My Registration" online through the SDSU WebPortal to obtain your personal registration information, including your registration date and time, fee payment information, and registration holds.

The following information is displayed through the "My Registration" online service. It is your responsibility to notify the Office of the Registrar of any information that is incorrect.

Major/Minor: Many courses at SDSU are restricted to certain majors or minors. If the major listed at "My Registration" is not correct, contact the Office of the Registrar at (619) 594-6871. Minors are not listed on "My Registration Info."

NOTE: Many departments have filing deadlines to change a major/minor.

Registration Priority: Registration priority is determined by class level. The units and class level displayed through "My Registration" include all units in which you are enrolled at SDSU during the current semester and those completed in previous terms at SDSU. It also includes units from other schools that SDSU has evaluated, accepted and have posted to your record. It does NOT include courses in progress at other institutions, General Mathematics Studies courses, Rhetoric and Writing Studies courses with numbers below 100, or any courses numbered 397. It does not include Open University courses or Extension courses in which you are currently enrolled.

Any units transferred or posted to your record after registration date and times are assigned will be used towards the next Registration assignment cycle. Dates and times cannot be changed when new coursework that affects your student level is posted to your record after registration assignments have been made.

Registration Limits: During the regular registration period, all students can enroll in up to 18 units with the exception of majors that require more than 18 units in a semester. The unit limit is lifted on the first day of classes.

Registration Holds: You cannot register if there is a hold on your registration. If "My Registration" shows a registration hold, contact the appropriate office to get clearance. Once the hold is cleared, it may take up to 48 hours before you can register.

NOTE: A "C" hold may be placed on your record any time you owe the university money. If a hold is placed on your record after you have registered and you attempt to modify your schedule, you will not be allowed to add any classes. You will only be allowed to drop or list your classes.

Fee Payment Date: The University Cashiers Office must process your fee payment by the Fee Payment Deadline to ensure that you can register on your appointed date and time.

See Fee Payment Options for methods of payment.

Registration Access Date and Time: This is the first date and time that you register for classes. You can, however, register anytime after your appointed date and time until registration ends, although it is recommended that you register as close to your designated date and time as possible to ensure a seat in your classes. Your registration date and time cannot be changed for any reason.

Residency: The correct residency classification for each student must be determined in order to assess appropriate fees. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Office of the Registrar at (619) 594-6871 of any changes in residency status. This includes changes from nonresident to resident and from resident to nonresident.

E-mail and Mailing Addresses: If your e-mail address or mailing address differ from what is listed at "My Registration," you need to provide an update. E-mail is an official means of communication with SDSU students. Please check your e-mail regularly for important messages from SDSU. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that their e-mail account is able to receive these messages. If you use spam-blocker software or services, be sure to accept messages from any domain.

Search Options: Search options display course titles; section and schedule numbers; units; days and times; locations; instructors; and the numbers of open seats.

  • Search: Looking for a particular instructor or class? The Search option allows you to search the course offerings for a specific department, course number, and/or instructor. You may also search for classes that will fit into a particular timeframe. For instance, you may specify that you would like courses between 0800-1500, MWF. Or, you may choose the "My Time Preference" button to search for classes within the "Time Preference" that you set ahead of time. Flexibility on class meeting times will give you the most course options.
  • Browse by Department: Browsing by department allows you to view all of the classes in a specific academic department.
  • Browse by General Education (GE): Completing your GE requirements should be a top priority when registering for classes! The "Browse by GE" feature allows you to specify the catalog year under which you entered the university. A list of applicable courses for that year will be generated for each GE category (i.e. humanities, explorations, etc.). You may then choose courses that will count toward satisfying your GE requirements.
  • Browse by College: Choose this option to browse the course offerings in one of the seven colleges: Arts & Letters, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Health & Human Services, Professional Studies & Fine Arts, and Sciences.

My Classes: Choosing the "My Classes" option displays the courses in which you are currently enrolled. From this page, you may drop or substitute any of them. This option also allows you to view your schedule in a timetable format.

My Wait List: "My Wait List" is a list of courses you selected to add to the wait list. These courses did not have any open seats while registering for classes, so you added them to your wait list. Having classes on your wait list DOES NOT mean you are enrolled in them. When you are searching for courses, click on "Wait" to have the class section added to your wait list. You will automatically be enrolled in the course section when an open seat is available or when faculty release seats from their wait lists. For more information, visit

My Planner: "My Planner" is a list of classes you have indicated that you may want to take. Having classes on your "My Planner" DOES NOT mean you are enrolled in them. Please be aware that the class(es) on your planner could potentially fill up prior to your registration date. When you are searching for classes, click on "Plan" to have the class added to your "My Planner". When you are ready to enroll in a "planned" course section, go to your "My Planner" and click the "Add" action link next to the course section you want to add.

Add a Class: You may add classes while using any of the search options on the class schedule in the SDSU WebPortal. While viewing the class schedule, choose the "Add" option on the right side. Choosing this option will take you to a page where you must confirm your enrollment in the class. Be sure the course has been added before moving on.

If you know the schedule number of the course you wish to add or if the schedule number is suppressed on the section you wish to add, choose the "Add a Class" option from the menu on the left.

Drop a Class/Substitute a Class: You may drop a class through "My Registration," or you may substitute one class for another. By entering the schedule number of the course you wish to drop and the schedule number of the course you wish to add, the system will perform a search to see if your desired course is available. If it is, then you may substitute that class for the one you want to drop. Through substitution, you don’t drop one class until you are sure you are able and eligible to get into another one.